Learn How To Quickly Create Attention, And Convert It Into Cash
  • Complex neuroscience research is deciphered, so can see why your prospects think your competitor is the “expert” instead of you.
  • You'll learn how to apply that research to build a powerful personal brand that your market won't be able to ignore.
  • You get 9 specific strategies to leverage your new personal brand that will make your prospect pick you every time (without even knowing why).
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NeuroAuthority dethroned a WSJ Bestseller to become the new #1 book on Public Relations

NeuroAuthority was recently recognized with the #1 BestSeller Award.

NeuroAuthority made national news &appeared on over 100 news outlets in the US.

Finally...a book for the entrepreneur that wants to get noticed, and get paid. No theory...this is proven science combined with real world tactics.
NeuroAuthority is my combination of neuroscience and authority marketing.

Neuromarketing studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. The technology is based on a model whereby the major thinking part of human activity takes place in the subconscious area that is below the levels of controlled awareness.

Authority marketing helps entrepreneurs leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry. 

NeuroAuthority is the science of creating authority positioning in the subconscious area that is below the levels of controlled awareness. 

It’s using the proven tools of neuroscience to determine why we deem one person as an “expert” over another and then applying the research so you can use it to get more clients.

The old way of getting expert status in your market is dying... as most old things do. The days of "just call yourself the expert, and everyone will believe you" are over.  

This book arms you with the information you need to position yourself as the authority in your marketplace. 

Whether it's your first day in a new industry, or you're a 40 year veteran, this book is full of actionable advice that you can see results from with ease.

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Brian Ainsley Horn

Bestselling author, investor and entrepreneur, Brian Ainsley Horn, helps professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses "authority marketing" to get them national media exposure.

His unique method has been talked about and covered on The Howard Stern Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Perez Hilton, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. 

Inc Magazine even named Brian an "emerging business leader to watch."

Brian is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and Addicted2Success.

Brian Ainsley Horn is a devoted Christian, proud father to 2 amazing kids and an advocate for children with Down syndrome.

Dan Kennedy, Founder of GKIC

“The simple truth is, if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically — or rapidly and dramatically — establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you’re asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you, neglecting development of a measurably valuable asset.”

Frank Kern, "The President of The Internet"

“Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do increase your perceived value to the market place.”
Garrett J. White,
"This was a great foundation for the recent media explosion I’ve had. These guys know their stuff, and they have a passion for helping. Go for it!"
“Just one of the Facebook strategies in here had my posts blowing up with likes, comments and shares. I was floored! ”
"As someone who has spent a career in advertising, broadcasting and publishing, I am glad to see this secret to reaching prospects on this level of consciousness revealed.

It is a major breakthrough for anyone wanting to become an authority in their respective fields. This book drives home the point that the power is in the perception of the professional, not their proficiency.

Highly recommended for anyone--from beginners to lifetime practitioners like me."
Keri Murphy,
"If you’re tired of hiding your message and authority and want to get known worldwide, listen to Brian."
Ryan Stewman,
“The techniques Brian teaches are no joke. This s*** just plain works. I had high expectation, and he blew every one of the away.”
Brian Ainsley Horn goes straight to the point in his NeuroAuthority book. He explains the psychology behind his strategies and gives clear (and realistic) actionable steps to gaining authority status that are easy to execute!

I finished the book in one sitting and started putting what I've learned into action right away.

Highly recommended.
These Are A Few Of The Secrets
That You'll Be Given
  • The chocolate candy experiment that laid the map for a way to build authority positioning using an ethical impulse reaction. (Pg 7)
  • The 5 part process to write your brand's story, so that you can connect with your prospects on an emotional level and turn them into customers. (Pg 32)
  • The one trait that will lead to certain downfall, and irreparably destroy your personal brand. (Pg 51)
  • The six steps to follow to create your first Authority Content Marketing Campaign (ACMC), so that you can leverage free content to build your brand. (Pg 72)
  • How to win back previous customers with a simple NeuroAuthority tactic. Email copy and phone script included. (Pg 108)
  • The #1 NeuroAuthority tool that less than 5% of entreprenerus are using currently, and how you can start applying it for free. (Pg 118)
Dave Ramsey and Microspecialization p.16
Dave Ramsey and Microspecialization p.16
Howard Stern's Personal Brand Magic p.26
The Rise & Fall of Frank Kern p 55
Story Branding with The Sex Pistols p 35
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